About us


Looking down into the dark gulf below I could see a ruddy light streaming through a rift in the clouds.

Защо да изберете нас?
  • The products and the service  have a 100% quality guarantee
  • Experience and professionalism!
  • Always providing proper, precise and fast answer to all of your questions!
  • 100% support through remote control!
Какви са нашите цели?
  • Dedication, cooperation and innovations!
  • Making products and offering services which reduce the harmful emissions in the environment!
  • Job openings!
Как работим?
  • We strive to offer you the most suitable system for you and to introduce you to all the pros and cons before you make your choice!
  • We offer delivery and installation
  • We bring into service and organize trainings
  • In case of any problems, we respond within the working day

Who are we?


DSG Technology Ltd Company is based in Sofia and specializes in the production, delivery and installation of pellet boilers; manufacture of hardware and service in the welding of metals.

The company has a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the metalworking industry. The team is constantly working in order to satisfy our clients’ needs through innovative thinking and execution of the newest technologies in laser cutting, bending, welding, delivery and installation of energy-efficient heating systems. The equipment that we have at our disposal has a guaranteed perfect product quality every time.

Our mission is to provide products or service that cover all norms for quality, safety, ecology and to have the best price, because the motto that we have and always will stand by is: Every satisfied customer is a newly won regular customer!

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