Pellet boilers Eco Terra SP+ with capacity 25-35-50-80KW 6160.00 BGN
Product No: 18 Видео
Брошура Инструкции
  • Automated pellet feeding and ignition
  • Self-cleaning function of the burner
  • Wi-Fi modem for remote control
  • Control by wireless room thermostat
  • Circulating pump control and three-way valve
  • Priority for hot water production
  • Weekly timer
  • Choice of four types of fuel

The set includes:

Pellet boiler Eco Terra B25 SP+

Burner with a mechanical cleaning system

200kg pellet hopper (left or right)


Wi-Fi modem for remote control

Putting into operation and training

Description of the product:

Pellet boilers Eco Terra SP+ with capacity 25- 35-50 и 80 KW are designed to heat medium and large rooms by heating water. The boilers are manufactured in accordance with BDS EN 303-5 (Bulgarian State Standard) and meet all requirement s for safety and venting of harmful emissions in the atmosphere from the burning of pellets. The easy cleaning of the boiler body, the self-cleaning function of the burner and the algorithm of the controller in use allow you to burn all types of pellets known on the Bulgarian market. Pellet boilers Eco Terra SP successfully burn sunflower pellets too, guaranteeing you warmth and hot water at a low cost.

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